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"Coaching helped me sit back and reflect on my life goals, and clarify issues that were previously present, but not addressed. The fact that discussions focused on my thoughts, and "solutions" came from me, helped in making stable personal decisions. It also helped me relax and feel like I am moving forward. Thanks Panagiotis!" - Vasilis A., Market Researcher, Greece

"One of my best experiences that helped me with putting my goals in order and reaching them. I would like to thank Panagiotis for supporting me so much." - Victoria R., Ceramic Artist, Greece

"Thank you so much for all of your support and help! You successfully helped me to work through and overcome several blocks that were preventing me from moving my business forward. I appreciate the sincere concern, compassion and judgment-free space you consistently provide. You are a true professional! Working with you these past three months have been an absolute pleasure. I look forward to working together in the future." - Michelle C., Alternative Healing Methods Professional, U.S.A.

"Panagiotis is a wonderful human being, sensitive and a great coach. I enjoyed my interactions with him and even though I was talking to him on skype and phone and he was from Greece and I was in India, I never felt the distance or intimidated by him. He has a very pleasant, soothing voice that instantly comforts you. He is a wonderful listener and asks very engaging questions." - John S., Consultant in Strategy Execution, India

"Panagiotis has developed some wonderful competencies as a coach. His coaching techniques helped me to create more awareness around my daily structures, core values and beliefs. The sessions we had together were always unfolded with high professionalism and I would like to acknowledge Panagiotis for his flexibility and determination to support me in every step and issue that I brought up to the table. Moreover, I felt listened, understood and safe to discuss my fears and vulnerabilities. He also knows to create an open and a non-judgemental space that empowered me to come with my own agenda. Therefore, working with Panagiotis was a valuable experience and I highly recommend him to any client that is looking for creating more structure, awareness and understanding in the professional or personal life." - Monica M., Learning and Development Specialist, Romania

"In our 12 sessions, Panagiotis has helped me with a lot of issues and has been very professional in coaching me, always getting me to calm down when I encountered problems or confusion." - Judy Z., HR Manager, China

"It can become an effective experience, mostly for helping you to listen to yourself and guide yourself towards better results as far as your personal objectives are concerned. I recommend it unconditionally! ." - Thodoris K., Photographer, Greece

"Panagiotis offers an excellence in coaching that is refreshing. His professionalism includes a commitment to the coaching relationship and a level of listening, feedback and understanding that makes the coaching process easy. He will work with you, to not only achieve your personal goals and objectives but explore the meaning behind your goals in a deeper, more fulfilling way. He offers a breadth and depth of experience which will help you achieve success in any area in your personal life and/or your business career. I would recommend him to anyone that is serious about advancing their personal or professional objectives. ." - Karen A., Social Worker, U.S.A.